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How to Heal a Bitten Tongue

Has anyone ever told you to bite your tongue? Chances are, they didn’t mean it literally! Sometimes when doing simple things such as eating or chewing gum, it is possible to accidentally bite your tongue. Depending upon how hard you bit down, this can be painful at times. Occasionally it can even result in bleeding or swelling of the tongue and that can really hurt.

If you find yourself in this predicament, there are a few things you can do to make your tongue feel better. First you need to determine how severe the bite is. If it wasn’t a hard bite and the skin was not broken, it most likely won’t need any immediate medical attention. However, if it is throbbing in pain you may need to have some minor medical treatment. Try holding a piece of ice on it to reduce both the pain and swelling. This will normally numb the tongue and stop the pain almost immediately.

If the ice does not take care of the pain you can also try swishing your mouth with either warm salt water or an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine. The salt and the alcohol in the Listerine help your tongue to heal more quickly. It will also kill germs and prevent infection in case there may be a small unseen break in the skin.

If this still does not help, you can also try applying an over the counter medication that is made for toothaches or sore gums. Orajel or Ambesol both work very well at relieving almost any kind of pain that may occur in the mouth. Just prepare to have a very strong numbing sensation in whatever area the medication touches inside your mouth.

Always remember to chew slowly and try to prevent biting your tongue in the process. An unexpected bite on an area as delicate as your tongue can be quite a shocking type of injury to have. But, if this does happen, apply ice first, swish with salt or Listerine next, and even apply Orajel or Ambesol if needed to help heal that sore tongue fast!

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