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How to Heal a Groin Injury

Ouch! You’ve somehow managed to pull your groin and now you are in some major need of help. It could have been from too much vigorous sports activity or working too hard at any kind of working environment. Either way you hurt it, it’s a top priority to get fixed up fast. Yes, that is defiantly one part on a guy that they want to heal up and heal up fast! It’s a must for a man, so I’m going to list some tips on how to heal a groin injury.


One of the biggest factors in healing a groin injury is to make sure to properly rest and not over exert yourself. Skip out on the basketball, baseball game or whatever other sport you like to participate in for a little while. Too much activity will cause painful symptoms and that’s not what you want right?

Ice and Heat Treatments

It is best to ice the groin area the first initial 48 hours after the injury occurred. In addition, after activities you should use ice as well. This will help reduce swelling and help the blood flow to the groin area. Heat treatments are helpful later before exercising or any vigorous activities. This will help the muscle to loosen up and cause less distress to the groin. As most would know, it’s best to alternate between heat and ice packs. Use the heat packs first, then use the ice packs.

Seek Physical Therapy If Necessary

Sometimes you might have to go to a physical therapist to find other methods of treatment. They can offer services such as therapeutic massages, exercising and ultrasonic techniques that will help heal the groin injury.

All right guys, I know these things can be painful although I have never personally experienced it myself. But, I’ve experienced other things that are quite painful so I really like to help out anyone I can when it comes to relieving pain. Try these techniques because as we all well know, men really are sensitive when it comes to that area and will try just about everything to make sure all is well and working properly down there!

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