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How to Heal Ant Bites

If you are suffering from an ant infestation in your home or outside lawn then you have probably been bitten once or twice. Once you receive these ant bites there are certain methods to use to help heal them without having them scar.

The most common method used to heal ant bites is a store bought off the shelf ointment that helps soothe the bite area. Depending on the ointment, you can have the ant bite bump gone within two to three days. What the ointment does is comforts the area and slightly numbs it to where you won’t have that urge to itch and you won’t get a whitehead of any scarring. The only problem you may face with a store bought ointment is the possibility of you being allergic or developing a rash around the ant bite, but those are rare occurrences and there are all natural ointments made for those with allergies.

Other than a store bought ointment there are several homemade remedies that are used to help heal ant bites. Some of these are as simple as spreading on cool butter to help keep the swelling down, but others are complicated concoctions of household items that have those ingredients that will help the healing process. The only problem with homemade remedies is that not all of them have been proven and mostly rely on the placebo effect that in your mind you know that this will work.

With ointments added on to help soothe the pain, there is one other method used to help heal ant bites. The last method is to leave the bite alone. Scratching at an ant bite although it may feel good and be the natural human thing to do, will result in a longer healing process. Whenever you scratch at the ant bite you run the risk of it developing a whitehead and getting infected. If you have developed an infection on the ant bite and a whitehead appears it is advised to leave the whitehead alone and let the bodies healing process take care of it. If you pop the white head the bite will still be red for at least a week and will scar when the bite is fully healed.

So overall if you suffer from ant bites and are looking for ways to help heal them then check out what ointments and home remedies can do for you, and remember don’t scratch the bite.

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