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How to Heal Broken Ribs

Suffering from broken ribs is most definitely not one of the most comfortable injuries to endure. This is because every time you breath, your rib cage expands. If the ribs are broken or fractured, such movement could lead to uncomfortable or outright sharp pains with every breath. Needless to say, this is not exactly a condition anyone would wish to deal with for long. That is why it is helpful to know how to heal broken ribs. In general, broken ribs will heal on their own over time. Usually, the healing process could take upwards of 8 weeks. While there is little that can be done to expedite the process, there are a number of tips one can follow to make sure the healing stage is not unnecessarily extended.

Taping the Ribs

The most common way to help heal broken ribs is to tape them. Now, when looking for ways how to heal broken ribs, one should not look to tape oneself so hard that it feels like a constrictor has wrapped itself around the torso. Taping the ribs should be tight enough that the ribs are held in place, but not so tight that the purported help contributes to the problem.

Keep Your Physical Activity Light

Looking for ways how to heal broken ribs should not include intense physical activities that can cause great discomfort or worsen the problem. (Actually, it is best to be careful with even moderate physical activity as well) Yes, those who live active lifestyles probably cannot bear the idea of sitting on the couch for several weeks. But, if one does not take part in proper rest, the ability for the injured and broken ribs to heal will be impeded.

Breathing Exercises

Some may wonder how breathing exercises play a role in how to heal broken ribs. After all, one cannot breathe his way to better ribs can he? No, but engaging in proper breathing will reduce the potential for the condition to get worse. If your lungs do not get enough oxygen or properly inflate, it may become possible to develop pneumonia. This would certainly be a rough situation to deal with and that is why breathing exercises would prove so helpful.

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