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How to Heal Cracked Fingers

We all know how annoying and painful cracked fingers can be. This happens especially in the winter. No matter how much hand lotion you use, those cracks will come through. Who needs them anyway? Hopefully these methods will work for you. Try them and see.

Soften the Hands

Use warm water and gentle soap to do this. After a bath is the best time due to the humidity in the bathroom. The skin is then softer. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before continuing on. By the way, this could work if you take a shower instead.

Antibiotic Cream or Petroleum Jelly

There are many antibiotic creams and petroleum jellies sold at the store that you can choose from. Some even have it marked on the tube that they’re good to heal cracked fingers. It doesn’t matter. An antibiotic cream may be better in case an infection wants to begin. Smooth it all over the fingers, and the hands, too, if you wish. Work the cream way into the cracks until they’re all covered.

Tape the Fingers

After the cracked fingers are covered in cream, use paper or medical tape and tape around the fingers enough to cover all of the cracks. You don’t want to use bandaids because they will just pull and stick when you try to get them off. They are good just for a small area. Now, when you’re ready for bed, wear some soft gloves or socks. This will help heal the cracks while you sleep, and it keeps your bed clean too. To heal cracked fingers, you need to keep up with the taping, even after the first night. The tape should be changed daily, to keep it clean and keep out any infection. Keep taping the fingers and using antibiotic cream or petroleum jelly until they are completely healed. Stay out of cold water, if possible. Wash those dishes in the dishwasher, or use a very mild dish detergent. You can use paper plates, but that’s not environmentally correct.

Now that you know the methods, go out and try them. Remember the warm water and bath. Get yourself some antibiotic cream or petroleum jelly. Tape those fingers with paper tape or medical tape, and wear socks to bed, only wear them on your hands, not your feet.

Hopefully you will not suffer much longer with those cracked fingers. They are a pain, aren’t they?

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