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How to Heal Mono

Mono, or mononucleosis, is a common viral infection most directly linked as a kissing disease. Although there is no known cure for mono, you can certainly take action against its symptoms. The infection has also been called Epstein-Barr and will usually go away by itself in time. However if you are feeling the brunt of symptoms to include fatigue, swollen glands and general malaise, there are a few things you can do to combat them.

One of the reasons for the tired and listless feeling is the virus has attacked your immune system and weakened your defenses. You may bolster your immune system without the use of pharmaceuticals by increasing a healthy diet rich with nutrients and staying away from processed foods that will drag you down even further.

One of the worst offenders to zap away what little strength you have left is refined sugar. Be aware of the hidden sugars found in packaged foods and avoid them like the plague until you are feeling better. Refined sugars have an immediate energy rush, but cause the blood sugar to plummet within a few hours.

Instead, try a diet rich in natural sugars found in fresh fruit to bring back your vitality. Another good source for energy boosting foods is to eat plenty of vegetable. And an even better way to get the life giving plants into your system is to juice them. To yield one liter of home made juice, you will fill a large colander full of fresh produce and run them through a juicer. Carrots and zucchini make for a good base to the mixture, then add your favorite fruits to sweeten. If you are really feeling low, try a beet in the drink to bounce you back on your feet again.

Processed foods are full of chemicals and dyes and will not allow your body to recover from mono. Anything that was made at a factory should be considered taboo until your strength returns. When you have had enough of the fresh produce, try a lean piece of fish or poultry for the evening meal. Candy and sugary snacks are out as they will cause you even greater fatigue.

If you have been diagnosed with mono, be sure to do your part and not spread the virus. Although this disorder is not fatal, it can do great damage to one’s career with time missed from work. In addition to your healthy diet, try a supplement program of vitamin C, E and beta carotene to build up your immune system. Take your vitamins or powdered energy supplements to work and take them at regular intervals. You may not beat the viral infection, but you will certainly beat the symptom when they surface.

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