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How to Heal Open Blisters

hand blisterBlisters are painful when they have freshly formed but they can be troublesome if they should happen to pop. An open blister can become infected unless it is given proper care while it heals. The treatment for open blisters depends upon what you will be doing after caring for it. If you have an open blister on your heel or toe and plan on hiking the next day, the treatment varies slightly from what you would do if you are going to lounge around the house.

Airing It Out

After your blister has popped, you should gently press the blister area with clean sterile gauze to remove the remaining fluids under the detached skin.

Next, ensure the opening where the fluids have drained out is clean. You can do this by gently cleaning with liquid soap and water. Liquid soap does not harbor as many bacterial organisms as bar soap. Hydrogen peroxide is also a good disinfectant which can be used to clean the open blister.

Do not pull back the skin to expose the raw layers underneath. Try to smooth the skin over the underlying tissues. The skin will act as a bandage until new skin forms underneath, usually after two or three days.

If you are going to relax indoors, put on a pair of clean white cotton socks. The cotton “breathes” easier than nylon or polyester. If your socks are white, you can tell when they are dirty and need to be changed.

Coverage Is Acceptable

After cleaning the open blister, you can apply an antimicrobial ointment to prevent infection, then cover with an adhesive bandage. If you are planning on using the area which has the open blister, you can use moleskin with a center cut out as large as the blister area. The moleskin will provide padding and prevent further damage.

Natural Remedies

Various natural remedies may be applied to an open blister to assist it to heal easily. Among these include aloe vera gel, calendula ointment, or a mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil.

Dandelion leaves, readily available in the summer months, can be applied as either freshly picked or picked and crushed poultices. Dab dandelion “milk” from a cut stem on the open blister.

Honey is another unusual treatment to apply to an open blister to help it heal. Place honey on a clean bit of gauze and then place it over the open blister. The honey dries the fluids under the skin, reduces inflammation and acts as a natural antibacterial agent.

Blisters are best healed if they remain intact. If a blister opens, there are means of treating it so it heals quickly and without danger of infection. Remember to always watch for signs of infection until the blister completely heals.


  1. i have a blister on the back of my foot, i am going to prom in 4 days. the blister is open. how can i make it heal in time for prom?

  2. i have a 2 and 1/2 inch open water blister on my upper ankle and the inside skin is completely exposed . i have been useing silver sulfadiazine which is white in color and applying it to the open sore , then put a 3×5 dauze pad on it , i then wrap it with a sterile wrap bandage . then i tape it to make sure it don’t come off .

    what i need to know is , would spray bactine be better and then put the gauze bandages on or would it be better if i were to use . aloe vera gel and then wrap it because the open sore drains constantly .

    i want this open sore to heal because i am tired of the pain and tired of takeing hydrocodone 10 / acetaminophen 500 mg. pills

    please tell me soon this water blister that the skin came off on hurts and is sending pain up my leg .

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