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How to Heal Rope Burn

Rope burn is not pleasant for anyone, and is something that takes time to heal, regardless of your method of healing. Assess the seriousness of the rope burn, and determine if it is something you can treat with home remedies. Some of the following ideas may be helpful if you should ever need to treat yourself or a family member for rope burn. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, and clean the rope burn gently before treating.

Using tea bags and petroleum jelly for rope burn

My grandmother would have recommended tea bags and petroleum jelly for rope burn. When the rope burn first happens, apply something cold, like a wet tea bag. Wet tea bags have been used for many years for different skin abrasions just for the cooling sensation. Tea contains antioxidants, so it may also be that it will promote faster healing if you have a rope burn. After you dry the area, covering the rope burn with some petroleum jelly will keep the air from the rope burn, and may help you avoid some pain. Place a bandage over the petroleum jelly to help keep it clean and in place. Change the bandage throughout the day after replacing the petroleum jelly.

Using Aloe plants for rope burn

Aloe has long been used as a remedy for many types of skin ailments. A rope burn could be soothed with aloe, and possibly the area will heal faster. If you do not have aloe plants in your home, most drug stores sell topical products that contain aloe. Cover the aloe with a bandage. Change the bandage as needed, keeping the area clean. Reapply the aloe as needed with each bandage change.

Using antibiotic creams for rope burn

If you decide you want to use an antibiotic cream to treat your rope burn, this may work also. If you are using an antibiotic cream you have on hand, be sure it has not expired. After applying the cream, especially if the rope burn is in an area that could easily become covered with dirt or debris, use a bandage to keep the cream in place. Place a fresh bandage on the area each day after reapplying the antibiotic cream.

Whatever you decide to do for the rope burn, be sure you get medical attention if needed. When there is a break in the skin, an infection can happen quickly, and this should not be taken lightly.

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