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How to Heal Shin Splints

Shin splints can be a real pain, and if you are an active person, they can be difficult to fix. So what to do? Although knowing just how to heal shin splints may be tricky, there are a few inventive things that can be found in both the grocery, and in your own home, that can help speed things along.

Starting in your Kitchen

When you think of how to heal shin splints, your mind probably does not automatically wander in the direction of the kitchen. However, there are numerous herbs and spices that can be utilized to help relieve pain, and eventually aid in the healing of any number of ailments. One great treatment for shin splints is to wrap your leg in ice for a half hour. While doing this, make a thick paste of turmeric, ginger (which both have powerful anti-inflammatory agents) and olive oil; afterward, remove the ice, smooth on the paste and re-wrap. The paste will help with swelling, while the wrap will prevent additional damage.

Poke Around a Health Food Store

Although you may not be sure how to heal shin splints, you may be able to get some great recommendations at your local health food store. However, you can still go in with some knowledge at hand; for instance, flax seed can help clear lactic acid from your muscles; while calcium and magnesium can help tense and relax muscles respectively. These supplements may not only help heal, but aid in preventing future splints.

Try the Pampering Method

This is a take on the contrast method; to start, draw a warm bath with Epsom salts. After a few moments, get out of the tub and hold a cold compress to the painful area. Rotate this for a half hour. At the end of your bath, give your legs a good massage. Focus on the area around the shin, but not the shin itself.

Now that you know how to heal shin splints in some basic and inventive ways, there are a few things you need to remember; as with any remedy, you need to give these time to work, always check with your doctor, and – most importantly — take good care of yourself!

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