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How to Heal Sore Gums

Having sore gums is a problem that many people encounter. Sore gums can be caused from several different things. The majority of reasons for sore gums can be healed at home. There are some causes of sore gums that must be seen and treated by a dentist. There are a few different home remedies that can be tried to heal sore gums. If these methods do not improve the soreness of gums, a dentist should be consulted after only a few days of trying to heal the condition of sore gums at home.

Brushing Teeth

One of the most common causes of sore gums is not brushing teeth and gums often enough or not brushing properly. One of the best cures to try first is to begin brushing teeth 3 times a day. If this does not begin to make the gums less sore after a day or so, another of the methods may be added.

Flossing Teeth

The next most common reason for sore gums is not flossing often enough. Food can become lodged under gums or between teeth and become infected slightly, causing the gum to become inflamed in the area of the inflammation. Flossing teeth nightly should be added after the first day of brushing teeth in addition to the brushing. Do not discontinue brushing teeth and gums properly when begin flossing nightly.

Using an anti-bacterial mouth wash or rinse

The next method to use at home to cure sore gums is to add the use of an anti-bacterial mouth was or rinse. Be certain that the rinse chosen states that it kills germs and bacteria. Continuation of brushing teeth three times per day, after each meal or when waking, after lunch and before bed. Be sure when trying to cure sore gums not to eat anything after using the mouth rinse or wash. Use mouth wash or rinse after each time of brushing teeth. The night time routine should be brushing teeth and gums, then flossing with dental floss and then the anti-bacterial mouth wash or rinse. Nothing should be eaten after using the mouth rinse or wash, until the next morning. If this does not clear up after a total of 4 days, a dentist should be consulted.

Using the regimen of brushing teeth and gums properly 3 times each day, flossing teeth every night, and then use of the anti-bacterial mouth wash or rinse should clear up most cases of sore gums. Use of this home remedy for sore gums should be followed in order. The reason for this is because doing the steps in a different order will most likely not have the same effect. If using this home remedy for a total of 4 days does not improve sore gums significantly, a dentist must be consulted. There are some reasons for sore gums which cannot be healed at home. In most cases however, following the methods above should relieve sore gums and the gums will be healed.

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