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How to Heal Track Marks

So you have decided to get clean and now you have those disgusting track marks to contend with. Will they ever go away? If so, how long will it take? Time, if allowed heals all with a little effort your track marks will minimize until they eventually disappear altogether. Here are some methods you will find helpful to heal track marks. Though, before you begin make sure any open wounds heal completely otherwise you are subject to infections. It is important for new skin growth, in order for this to happen dead skin cells must be removed. An exfoliating scrub will aid in the removal of dead skin. Follow that by using an ointment. It is necessary to give yourself time for everything to heal. If you are looking for immediate results, cover it up with makeup.

For skin regeneration a gentle scrub should be applied daily. This will remove any dead skin, or other debris such as soap scum, and lotion. Scrubs could be purchased from any drug store, or if you are ambitious, you can easily make your own just using a couple of household products. Now if you have liguid soap and granulated sugar, or even olive oil–vegetable oil is less expensive and will work just as good–you have what it takes to make your own exfoliating scrub.

Told you, this is easy, now it is very important to follow this next step. Take a vitamin E capsule and break it open to release the gel inside, and smear it over the intended area. If you do not have vitamin E, then other topical ointments such as Neosporin will work just as good. Not to mention the medicated value Neosporin has to offer. Though, if none of those are available to you, do not worry. Petroleum jelly to the rescue, a little Vaseline may do the trick too.

Is it reaching to assume everyone on the planet has heard that time heals all wounds? But it is true, time is also an important factor in the healing method. Or is it better stated under the umbrella of patience? Either way you dress it, time will be first foremost with every step required in healing track marks.

All it takes is a little time to exfoliate, apply ointment and patience while your track marks fade away. Hopefully these easy to follow steps will do the trick!

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