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How to Heal Vocal Cords

A sure sign that someone has been to an exciting sporting event the night before, is to hear them try to speak the following day. When you raise your voice for long periods of time, you may cause your vocal cords to become inflamed.

Inflammation may also be caused by a bad cold, or singing for long periods of time. A more serious cause for your voice to become hoarse or scratchy, is a polyp on your vocal cords, which should be checked out by your physician as soon as possible. This is sometimes a reason for recurring laryngitis.

If you are suffering from scratchy, sore vocal cords, and losing your voice, there are a few things you can do to help them heal a little more quickly. The first suggestion, and probably hardest to do, is to stop talking for a while! The more you rest your vocal cords, the faster they will heal.

Another suggestion is to not talk in a whisper. It seems that whispering is something we all tend to do when we are losing our voices, but it actually puts more strain on your vocal cords to do this. It creates a type of wind passing by them, which only strains them more, and dries them out further.

Another good way to help heal and soothe your sore vocal cords, is to drink plenty of water or other non-carbonated beverages. When the folds around your vocal cords are hydrated properly, they can heal much more quickly then if they are dry. It may also feel soothing to drink warm drinks, like a cup of hot tea. Just be very careful to make sure the drink warm, not scalding.

If you get sore vocal cords often, you can try exercising your voice the way professional singers do. The key to doing this properly, is to sing in a low volume. This massages the folds around your cords, and may keep them from becoming inflamed.

An old fashioned home remedy for soothing sore vocal cords, is to apply a thin layer of a mentholated salve on your throat, then covering it with a warm cloth. It’s said to soothe, relax and moisturize. It’s important that you remember to wash this off after a few hours with soap and warm water.

Another suggestion for a natural remedy is to use moist air and steam. Inhaling this from either a kettle or a vaporizer can be very soothing. Also try taking a few warm showers per day, letting the steam envelope you.

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