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How to Heal Windburn

When the weather gets cold many people would just assume to stay inside in the warmth of their homes. But it is inevitable that you will have to venture outside at some point. Not only does the cold weather make it easier to acquire a cold, but being outside in the cold too often can cause your skin to become windburned. The cold air and low humidity of the winter temperatures cause your skin to lose it’s natural oil and thus your skin dries out and becomes irritated. However, preventing windburn is not as hard as you might think. Always remember to use moisturizer and cover your skin when the temperature becomes cold. If you already have windburn, don’t fear, there are ways of treating the irritation and dryness that comes along with it.

Use a Warm Compress

The first thing you should do is wet a rag with warm (not hot) water. Put the rag on your face to slowly warm it up. This will also take the sting away.


When your skin is windburned all of the natural oils have caused your skin to dry. This dryness causes irritation and redness. To soothe the dryness and irritation it is best to use aloe vera to help restore moisture. The more natural the aloe, the better. So if you have an aloe plant just break a piece of it off and rub it on the effected area. Aloe gels work fine too. Vitamin E is also a great moisturizer. Cocoa butter or shea butter works well too. Make sure you wash your face with mild soap so as to not cause further irritation and dryness.

OTC Medicine

When your skin loses it’s moisture it feels irritated and can hurt pretty badly. To help soothe the discomfort take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin work very well and they help to promote healing. As with all drugs, be sure to read and follow the directions on the bottle.

Your skin may peel after a windburn. If this happens just keep applying moisturizer. Do not pick at the peeling skin, this will only further irritate your skin. If your skin becomes blister you should contact your doctor immediately. Always remember to keep your skin extra moisturized in the winter months. It’s always a great idea to wear sunblock everyday as well. Healing windburn is simple, but preventing is even easier.

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